The Opening of Seminar And Workshop on PBL Group

Author:     Time:2017-06-28     Page View:215 

On 23th and 24th June, the seminar and workshop on PBL groups were held which is organized by the center of teacher development and teaching research and the department of teaching affairs.Prof Ling Jingfeng from Taiwan YangMing University give the lecture. Vice President Tang Hongmei attended the seminar and express the welcome to the guests, and hoped that the both schools could continue to strengthen cooperation and exchanges. More than 30 teachers from clinical medine college, hospitals, and other secondary colleges attended the seminar and workshop.

  This is the second time for professor ling Jingfeng to come to our school for PBL training. Many teachers said under ling Jingfen's guidance, the learning model is deeply understood, the PBL teaching plans and patterns is more clear in their mind.

  The seminar and workshop of PBL group was held to further promote the improvement of the concept of PBL teaching in the teaching activities of teachers' professional and spread the influence.