Course Advantages

The Sino-American Nursing Program, and English-language focused nursing program, is offered in partnership with Bob Jones University USA, a private liberal arts college in the southeastern USA in operation for nearly a century. The program has operated in Shanghai since 1997 with the provision of American instructors teaching full-time onsite in Shanghai. The program focuses on teaching international-standard healthcare techniques, knowledge of current practice in the USA, English-language skills, and patient communication and critical thinking abilities, producing graduates who are confident and competent not only in Chinese healthcare environments but also in international hospitals.

Entrance requirements

1.Senior high school diploma or equivalent (Graduating students should provide an official statement as proof of graduation)

2. Good English skills, can use English for daily listening, speaking, reading and writing

Course introduction

Career Direction

· High Graduate Employment Rate (>98%)

· International Hospitals

· Further Education Abroad

Sample Coursework

· Tailored English Language Learning

· English Medical Terminology

· Medical-Surgical Nursing

· Nursing Communication

· Critical Thinking in Nursing

· Microbiology

· Biochemistry

Notable Facts

· Highly-qualified well-established onsite American faculty

· Multiple and varied partnerships with area hospitals

· Course of study integrates English language skill training

· International standards-based healthcare education

· Study abroad opportunities

Degrees and Certificates

· Associate Degree in Nursing

· Nurse Qualification Certification

· Various nursing-related certifications